Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Job Seekers

I'm so proud of my youngest child who graduated from college three weeks ago. Unfortunately, with things the way they are today his only job offer was to return to his "summer" job at the frozen food plant where he had been employed for the previous four summers. (I say unfortunately but believe me, I know it is a very good thing, many of his classmates have no job at all.) The following freebie gives a little insight into a career as an actuary--maybe it's the field for you.

Title: Actuarial Career Video
Description: Learn more about becoming an actuary.
Suggested Grade: 8-12
Format: VHS videotape
Availability: Schools, libraries, and homeschoolers in the United States and Canada. This videotape may be retained permanently. It is also available as streaming video from the web site. You may write to the address below to make your request or order via the Internet.
Source: Casualty Actuarial Society
1100 North Glebe Road, Suite 600
Arlington, VA 22201

Thursday, May 14, 2009


It was a night of violent storms in my area last night--sadly a number of tornados did a lot of damage in the Midwest. This freebie provides more information about these sometimes deadly storms.

Title: Fabulous Funnels
Suggested Grade: 7-12
Format: Online Lesson Plan
Availability: Available to all requesters
Description: An interactive Internet lesson in which students will learn what tornados are, how they are created and measured, and what their effects are on communities.
Source: Alexander Sabatino, Jr.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cinco de Mayo freebie

It seems hard to believe that tomorrow marks the 5th day of May already. In observance of the annual Mexican celebration of "Cinco de Mayo," here is just the tiniest tidbit of a freebie that will tell you some facts about this day that you may not know (did you know that it is more widely celebrated in the United States than Mexico?)

Title: Cinco de Mayo
Suggested Grade: All ages
Format: Web Site
Availability: Available to all requesters
Description: Tells about the "fifth of May" as celebrated in Mexico and the United States.
Source: KU Medical Center