Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

As I "complained" to my hubby about my upcoming birthday, he told me my birthday was the best, "after all, who else gets people to go out and celebrate with party hats and horns?" Yup, my birthday is New Year's Day. I would be marking my 29th birthday yet again, but since my oldest son turned 29 himself this year, I guess I can't do that anymore. Today's freebie presents information about a traditional 15th birthday celebration in Mexico, but actually contains even more of a story.

Title: Sweet 15
Description: The traditional 15th birthday celebration symbolically ushers a young Mexican girl into adulthood. When her father cancels the gala event, she accidentally uncovers her father's secret--he has never become a legal resident of the U. S.
Suggested Grade: 6-12
Format: VHS videotape
Running Time: 120 minutes
Availability: Schools, libraries, and nursing homes in the United States.
Terms: Borrowers must have a User's Agreement on file with this source--available by mail or via the Internet. Return postage is paid by borrower; return 12 days after showing. Book at least three weeks in advance. All borrowers are limited to a total of ten items per semester.
Order Number: SIHISPI-video
Source: Latin American Resource Center
Stone Center for Latin American Studies
Tulane University
100 Jones Hall
New Orleans, LA 70118
Phone: 1-504-862-3143
Fax: 1-504-865-6719

Monday, December 7, 2009

Pearl Harbor Day

Oftentimes while creating this blog, I Google "today in history." That is not something I have to do for today, a very notorious day in history. Today marks the 68th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. While not the joyous celebration that anniversaries usually are, it is an anniversary we must never forgot. Today's freebie provides more information about a mess attendant who provided heroic service to his fellow shipmates.

Title: Black Pearl: The Story of Dorie Miller, the Hero of Pearl Harbor
Description: Learn about the contributions of this mess attendant stationed on the battleship Arizona during the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Suggested Grade: 5-12
Format: Online Lesson Plan
Availability: All requesters
Source: Dionne Smith Jones