Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's a Whale of a Tale

On this day in 1851, the ever popular story of Moby Dick was published by Herman Melville. This time-enduring book is now in the public domain and you can read the entire story on-line!

Title: Power Moby-Dick
Description: Presents the entire tale of Moby Dick along with interesting points highlighted.
Suggested Grade: 6-Adult
Format: Complete book online
Availability: Available to all requesters
Source: Herman Melville (well he wrote the book, someone else put it online :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

What Time Is It, Anyway?

One year ago I was standing in a cold rain at a bus stop in Galway, Ireland. I waited, and waited, and waited--that was when I first learned that Daylight Saving Time is not unique to the United States--the bus showed up one hour later! This freebie will help you learn about the history of daylight saving (or as some may say, daylight shifting), the standardization of time, and when regions around the globe spring ahead and fall back.

Title: Daylight Saving Time
Description: Information about the history of Daylight Saving Time. Also presents some incidents and anecdotes about the time change that are more interesting (and maybe less embarrassing) than mine.
Suggested Grade: 4-Adult
Format: Web Site
Availability: Available to all requesters
Source: Institute for Dynamic Educational Advancement