Thursday, July 2, 2009

Baseball--An All American Sport

My DH and I had the great pleasure of attending a Milwaukee Brewer baseball game last Saturday with our son--who is such a huge fan that he has a season ticket package. The Brewers won in the bottom of the ninth in what turned out to be a fantastic game. While not exactly on the Major League level, this freebie provides tips for all people playing baseball to follow to ensure the game remains fun and safe.

Title: Baseball Safety Fact Sheet
Description: Tips to keep baseball fun, rather than an injury-prone sport.
Availability: A limit of 50 copies will be sent through the mail to schools, libraries, and homeschoolers in the United States and Canada. May be copied to create additional copies for distribution. This article may also be downloaded from the web site.
Suggested Grade: 4-Adult
Format: Printed Article
Source: U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

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