Monday, January 18, 2010

Are YOU Earthquake Proof?

The devastating earthquake in Haiti is something that will, and should, remain on our minds for quite some time. The horror that is currently being faced by the thousands upon thousands of people there is quite unimaginable. As I look at the faces of the people shown on TV, I am reminded that we are all God's children and these people who are suffering so greatly are someone's child, parent, wife, husband, etc. Is is with deep sorrow that we witness this tragic event. Today's freebie is a resource providing information and maps of earthquakes across the world. When viewing it, you will also see how many terrifying aftershocks the people of Haiti face moment to moment.

Title: The World-Wide Earthquake Locator
Description: An incredible resource that provides up-to-date information and detailed dynamic maps of earthquakes across the world within a maximum of 24 hours of their occurrence.
Suggested Grade: 4-Adult
Format: Web Site
Availability: Available to all requesters
Source: Bruce M. Gittings

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