Wednesday, March 3, 2010

George Washington Carver--A Man with Vision

March is Black History Month. One of the countless African Americans who have contributed so very much is George Washington Carver--a scientist, botanist, educator and inventor. In addition to this work, his important accomplishments also include improvement of racial relations, mentoring children, poetry, painting, and religion. He is truly a man to be remembered during this month when we honor the accomplishments and contributions of EVERY African American.

Title: Carver's Boyhood
Description: Learn what forces shaped the life of this famous man.
Suggested Grade: All Ages
Format: VHS Videotape
Availability: Schools, libraries, homeschoolers, and nursing homes in the United States.
Terms: This excellent freeibe is for loan only. Borrower pays return postage. Return within 21 days after scheduled showing date via US Postal Service. Book 2-3 weeks in advance.
Source: George Washington Carver National Monument
5646 Carver Road
Diamond, MO 64840
Phone: 1-417-325-4151
Fax: 1-417-325-4231

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